Gemini Monthly Horoscope 2014

Gemini Month By Month Horoscope Predictions for 2014

My Month by month Gemini horoscope predictions for 2014 indicate a very positive year ahead but watch you don’t do things to excess as this may backfire on you.

January – You will be a bit of a flibberty-gibbet this month and will need to settle down since you are getting on everyone’s nerves, especially the nerves of friends and family who love you dearly.

February -Work will set many challenges for you according to the (strong) planetary alignments for the Gemini horoscope. Luckily to thrive on mental challenges so you will actually enjoy this period of tension.

March – This is a lovely month for partnerships where you and your loved one will feel very close and share some intimate moments. If you are single, keep your eyes out for a soul-mate. There are indications that this person will have a fairish complexion.

April – You will benefit from additional cash that comes your way this month. It will give you a surge of confidence since things have been very tight financially in the past.

May – You will have to adopt a strictly disciplined routine in work this month. Other will follow your lead.

June – You will be very fertile this month Gemini. What else is there to say!!

July – You may struggle with you weight, a bit more than usual this month. You would be wise to look to your diet and to a regular exercise regime.

August – You could easily take a last minute break this month. Go on! Splash the cash! You can afford it!

September – Your optimism and idealistic views in work will rub off on others. Your communication skills will be excellent my yearly horoscope shows.

October – Intellectual interests are highlighted this month. You may pursue further study in a subject that interests you.

November – This will be a very happy and settled month, both at work and in family affairs. You will receive good news about a youngster in your family circle.

December – You may reflect on 2014 and consider how fortune has smiled upon you. You will enjoy the festive time with a close circle of family and friends.




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