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Astrology as practised by the Celts is a specialised Astrological form followed closely by devoted groups of followers in the West of Wales, UK. I, Angharad Reese, have maintained an interest and, I’m told, some expertise in the interpretation of Druidic Welsh astrology from an early age. For some years now I have sought to bring my knowledge in some small way to the web. I am keen to spread awareness of and benefit from, Celtic astrology to a wider audience. Whatever your professional and/or social background or astrological sign, I feel you will get some benefit from my site.

The thoughts laid down here at Angharad Reese Astrology are considered and aimed at identifying those areas of your life that the astrological portents suggest may challenge or reward you during the coming year.

Having visited the site I believe you will be more enlightened and able to better consider your future path. Remember, the impacts of astrological prediction can be subtle and require thought and considerationastrological chart1223493 from you. You must invest to benefit from the information you will have.You will appreciate I’m sure that I cannot pass on here detailed information that my private clients expect and invest in. These horoscope thoughts are therefore top-level but will, I hope, prove useful to you for the coming new year.This site therefore will only deliver a selection of my work as my clientèle pay generously for my fully resolved and interpreted forecasts covering their life areas. Nevertheless, I’m sure you will receive valuable insight here that you can apply in your own life and understanding of people, family and friends.

So, you may be wondering exactly what is Celtic Astrology? This form of Astrology is based upon ancient Druidic tenets first brought to wider view by Robert Graves in his book the White Goddess. What is not understood is that Graves did not invent this astrological form but merely crafted it into a farm that could be presented to a wider audience of the time.In truth the art of Druidic Celtic astrology is recorded in few places with knowledge, skills and methods passed down through successive generations. It is also little appreciated that the best Celtic Astrologers come from a background connected with the world or the land. This reflects the importance that Celtic astrology places on influences of the natural world.

I have been fortunate to have been included in the Celtic Astrological world from a very early age and this has enabled me to devote many, many years to it’s understanding, harnessing and delivery. The Celtic form has been inspirational to me and I have received great comfort at difficult times in my life when I have been able to call upon it and the people who practice it well.I know that I personally have drawn strength and fortitude from it’s teaching and interpretation several times over the years. These experiences have enabled me to appreciate how special druidic astrology is to those that embrace it.I am one of those and I hope that your visit here may spark your own journey toward enlightenment through Celtic horoscopes and the astrology that underpins them. Enjoy your visit and I wish you success, peace and happiness in the coming year.



Angharad Reese

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